Dental Hygiene

Dental hygienists are trained to provide care for patients alongside your dentist. Hygienists have undertaken advanced training in the prevention of oral disease and will give specific targeted advice regarding any of your dental concerns or problems such as bad breath. They help prevent dental disease by removing hard deposits of tartar and by motivating you to prevent it forming again with oral hygiene measures and procedures.

Clinically they help to treat and prevent gum disease by scaling and polishing teeth, applying anti-microbial materials and undertake monitoring and screening procedures.

Guided Biofilm Therapy


Guided Biofilm Therapy consists of treatment protocols based on individual patient diagnosis and risk assessment in order to achieve optimal results. The treatment is given in the least invasive way, with the highest level of comfort, safety and efficiency.
Dental biofilm is the main etiologic factor for caries, periodontal and peri-implant infections. Periodontitis can increase the risk of systemic diseases, such as cardiovascular and respiratory disease, arthritis or diabetes.
GBT follows the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP) recommendations on Professional Mechanical Plaque Removal (PMPR) and Oral Hygiene Instructions (OHI) for Home Care of the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP).
Probe and screen every clinical case:
Healthy teeth, caries, gingivitis, periodontitis Healthy implants, mucositis, peri-implantitis
Make Biofilm visible:
Highlight to patients the disclosed biofilm and their problematic areas with EMS Biofilm Discloser The color will guide biofilm removal Once biofilm is removed, calculus is easier to detect
Raise awareness and teach:
Emphasize on prevention Oral hygiene instruction
Remove biofilm, stains and early calculus:
Use AIRFLOW® for natural teeth, restorations and implants. Remove biofilm supra- and subgingivally up to 4 mm using PLUS 14 μm powder Remove remaining stains on enamel using CLASSIC COMFORT Powder. Also remove biofilm from gingiva, tongue and palate.
Remove biofilm in >4 to 9 mm pockets:
Using PLUS Powder and a nozzle on natural teeth in deep pockets and root furcations and on implants.
Remove remaining calculus:
supra-and sugingivally up to 10 mm calculus removal
Make your patient smile:
Do a final check for remaining biofilm Ensure calculus is fully removed Protect with fluoride
Healthy patient = Happy patient:
Schedule recall frequency according to risk assessment


GBT minimizes the use of power and hand instrumentation. AIRFLOW® is minimally invasive on all types of dental tissues: dentine, cementum, enamel and gums. Minimal abrasion for maximum comfort: GBT enables the patient to enjoy natural teeth and implants for much longer.
Orthodontic appliances increase biofilm growth in areas not accessible by daily brushing and traditional prophylaxis. Biofilm creates wire friction, gingivitis and caries. AIRFLOW® with PLUS Powder removes biofilm with full access to critical areas. Safe and effective on teeth and brackets, it prevents caries and hyperplasia.
Biofilm is not always visible to the naked eye. Disclosing biofilm helps to remove all biofilm. GBT prevents caries and gum disease in children and adults. No biofilm = No caries.
Remove exposed biofilm on dentine with AIRFLOW® PLUS Powder and stop the procedure when the color has disappeared. GBT is the only protocol which guarantees minimal invasiveness through direct visual control. AIRFLOW® PLUS Powder with heated water provides maximum comfort and minimal sensitivity.
Caries often develop in areas not accessible by rubber cups or brushes, such as interdental areas, pits and fissures. AIRFLOW® cleans it all. A final check delivers a more accurate, precise and early detection of caries on clean surfaces. Also, it allows fluoride to access a clean tooth more easily.
To avoid gum recession – critical factor when it comes to aesthetic restorations- biofilm must be removed regularly. GBT protects your smile through effective but gentle biofilm removal around restoration margins. GBT inhibits stains and colorations.
GBT step 04 AIRFLOW® removes biofilm in a minimally invasive way. AIRFLOW® PLUS Powder is proven to be gentle on the gingiva and other soft tissues. In contrast, rotary and hand instruments may cause damage.
GBT steps deliver a minimally invasive method to protect implant surfaces. 04 AIRFLOW® and 05 PERIOFLOW® with PLUS Powder are gentle on implant surfaces, while metal instruments may scratch.
AIRFLOW® PLUS Powder easily and safely removes biofilm and early calculus from coronal surfaces and sulcus. The PIEZON® PS NO PAIN Instrument removes the remaining calculus in a minimally invasive way.
While gentle on peri-implant tissues, AIRFLOW® with PLUS Powder safely reaches and cleans any ruggedness on implant surfaces for optimum biofilm removal. GBT is the state-of-the-art approach to implant maintenance.
PERIOFLOW® with PLUS Powder preserves cementum during periodontal maintenance. It effectively removes subgingival biofilm in residual deep pockets. The PIEZON® PS NO PAIN Instrument removes the remaining calculus in a minimally invasive way. Final check ensures that no calculus remains.
PERIOFLOW® with PLUS Powder removes subgingival biofilm with unequalled limitation of peri-implant bleeding. The PIEZON® PI Instrument removes the remaining abutment calculus thereby preserving the implant surface.
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Our Patient Reviews

Heather PayneHeather Payne
11:34 24 Nov 23
Very happy, my dentist was very helpful and explained everything.
Bill MessengerBill Messenger
10:23 23 Nov 23
Nice and pleasant atmosphere and lovely Dentist
susan howessusan howes
17:56 17 Nov 23
Hazel PackhamHazel Packham
12:45 12 Nov 23
All the staff are very helpful, cheerful, and reassuring making a visit to the dentist less daunting
Carol ChappellCarol Chappell
11:26 07 Nov 23
Always a good experience
Lesley SeftonLesley Sefton
11:22 07 Nov 23
Friendly, efficient, personal service.
Peter DaveyPeter Davey
10:25 02 Nov 23
Micks Tube ChannelMicks Tube Channel
09:46 25 Oct 23
Brilliant.Very helpfull.
Susan PriestleySusan Priestley
10:57 17 Oct 23
Routine appointment with Dental Hygienist Louise W.Warm welcome from Reception on arrival and sat in the smart waiting room. As I had filled in the routine status forms online in advance only a short wait before being called.Louise gets to know you as a person and not a patient number. She readily advises on the condition of your teeth and what needs to be done. She also listens to your concerns and addresses them with considered response.I left the practice with beautifully cleaned, shiny teeth and a calm state of mind.Would I recommend? Without hesitation!
Keith NevilleKeith Neville
09:40 17 Oct 23
Can’t thank them enough for the treatment provided. Kindness and professionalism was exemplary.
Nadine StclaireNadine Stclaire
08:54 14 Oct 23
Paige BostockPaige Bostock
15:03 04 Oct 23
My dentist Simran Rattan is so patient and amazing with me. I’m quite a nervous patient and she goes the extra mile to really reassure me and talk me through it. Makes going to the dentist so much easier. Highly recommended and such a good dentist!
Deana RenaDeana Rena
09:42 03 Oct 23
Suzanne TomlinSuzanne Tomlin
12:22 30 Sep 23
First time seeing Sai Mehta .Totally charming and very knowledgeable. Explained everything clearly and engaged me in discussions regarding my treatment plan with patience and understanding.
Jane BushellJane Bushell
20:04 29 Sep 23
Always very polite and helpful. Cara always puts you at ease.
HJ BennettHJ Bennett
09:47 28 Sep 23
Sandy RobertsSandy Roberts
10:21 21 Sep 23
I am always pleased with my visit such a good dentist would recommend .
Bob HardingBob Harding
10:14 21 Sep 23
Great check-up with Simi which only took 5 minutes.£25 seems a lot of money now that I am a pensioner but would be worth it if free cleaning was reinstated as tartar builds up even with electric toothbrush. Stopped during Covid but not sure why?
Sarah NewmanSarah Newman
10:06 21 Sep 23
Wonderful, my son has autism & she was so good with him. Resulting in a very calm check up.
Rachael StreetRachael Street
09:57 21 Sep 23
Stephen ThrumbleStephen Thrumble
10:28 20 Sep 23
Was shocked to be quoted £1499 to sort out my problem so will be looking elsewhere
janet crossjanet cross
17:33 19 Sep 23
Martin BulleMartin Bulle
11:05 19 Sep 23
We are very happy with the service you provide, thank you. Long may it continue!
Lily rileyLily riley
08:52 18 Sep 23
I booked an appointment with Cathy before my wedding day for stain removal, and I couldn’t be happier, me teeth came out amazing! And made me wedding photos come out perfect! Couldn’t recommend her enough!
Brian BealesBrian Beales
10:08 17 Sep 23
This was my first ever visit to a hygienist. Cara was welcoming discussed dental care and explained what she was going to do. I experienced no discomfort afterwards.
Alfie BatemanAlfie Bateman
14:45 15 Sep 23
Receptionist polite, dentist explained everything clearly, good experience.
Jacqueline WestJacqueline West
13:40 14 Sep 23
Saw Hygenist on this visit. Very pleasant and thorough. Good service.
terence sparkesterence sparkes
09:54 14 Sep 23
Very good
Sally PetersenSally Petersen
22:53 13 Sep 23
This is a wonderful dentists. I get very stressed and nervous. I feel very safe there. The staff are wonderful, right from the receptionists to the dentist herself.
John PhillipsJohn Phillips
09:44 12 Sep 23
Very friendly reception staff who are very helpful and efficient and provide a great service. The dentist I saw was very helpful and professional with the treatment I had and was very informative and put me at ease.
Susan SSusan S
16:22 08 Sep 23
Didn't have to wait long, all staff I encountered were friendly and helpful
Kush DaveKush Dave
09:26 08 Sep 23
Very efficient and friendly service.
Keith NevilleKeith Neville
15:05 04 Sep 23
Christine JessonChristine Jesson
09:42 31 Aug 23
Val HarrisonVal Harrison
16:55 25 Aug 23
Very relaxing
Linda WoodLinda Wood
09:50 22 Aug 23
Dental treatment was great. Staff were fantastic as have to use stairlift and very kind to me.
mick howellmick howell
09:56 18 Aug 23
Dudley NaslundDudley Naslund
10:29 17 Aug 23
Jennifer LouiseJennifer Louise
10:07 17 Aug 23
Jaspreet Sagoo is a great dentist and the reception staff are always lovely, 10/10
Mary CarrollMary Carroll
09:39 17 Aug 23
susan wilgresssusan wilgress
06:24 16 Aug 23
irene holmesirene holmes
17:15 15 Aug 23
Tooth extraction went really well. I was very nervous but Simi was v helped me to relax. Caring and professional.
Tracy JudgeTracy Judge
10:08 15 Aug 23
As always a fantastic dentist. Gentle, thorough and always happy to help.
Good team of Dentists in South Woodham Ferrers.
Ken BarrettKen Barrett
09:48 09 Aug 23
Sharon LindsleySharon Lindsley
09:39 07 Aug 23
This is the first time I have been at Hearlds way dentist to see the hygienist Cara. Cara was absolutely lovely very gentle & made me feel very relaxed.
Georgine ForleoGeorgine Forleo
07:50 25 Jul 23
For my little girl they have been amazing and so professional. They knew she was anxious and they have been extremely careful and they did explain to her every step. Even for extray they took the time. Really greatfull.
Lynn BruceLynn Bruce
15:58 09 Jun 23
I am terrified of the dentists which is why I left it so long before going back as I was in considerable pain. My dentist was excellent and very calming and kind. I had a tooth extracted and a filing and left pain free. I will definitely make sure I come back regularly from now on.
Helen PeacockHelen Peacock
21:04 02 Jun 23
I recently finished my treatment plan with Invisalign.Everyone in the practice has been wonderful. Lovely ladies on reception are always so helpful.Kathy the hygienist is so gentle and thorough, my mouth feels super clean afterwards.Fayaaz and Jade work great together, they both have been amazing and Fayaaz has gone above and beyond.Very very pleased with the final results, thank youHelen Williams
Sheila MilesSheila Miles
15:07 27 May 23
I received the usual calm, friendly and capable treatment from my dentist. I said I was feeling a little apprehensive not having experienced this treatment before and she was most understanding, explaining everything she was doing and constantly checking that I was alright. First class service.
Don HutchisonDon Hutchison
06:52 10 May 23
I very recently had an extraction that was replaced with a single denture. I needed the extraction to remove an unsightly tooth ruining my smile for my daughter's upcoming wedding. The entire event through consultation to withdrawal was made stress free by Dr Sai Maneesh and his wonderful team (including all the receptionists). All done in plenty of time for the event. Thank you so much
Jean DelapperallJean Delapperall
16:59 21 Apr 23
I phoned the clinic and the receptionist was very helpful. Arriving at the clinic again the receptionist was very welcoming. The dentist was great and made the whole visit very comfortable. Overall 5 stars. Thank you Heralds Way Dental Clinic.

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